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R2's List of Services

R2 Resource Consultants offers a variety of services relating to the management and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.  The expertise of our staff of scientists and engineers is exemplified in twelve different service areas:

<click> for Instream Flow StudiesInstream Flow Studies:
R2 provides comprehensive assessments of water requirements for aquatic resources, flow regulation, and competing water uses. R2 has extensive experience with instream flow determinations, sedimentation impacts, ramping rate determinations, modeling of ramping rate scenarios and stranding potentials, and in the assessment of potential spawning area enhancements.

<click> for Fish Passage & Protection EngineeringFish Passage & Protection Engineering:
R2 engineers have extensive experience with layout, design, and construction oversight of fish passage structures and water withdrawal protection facilities for both resident and migrating fish (juvenile and adult). R2 is well known and respected by resource agencies to facilitate agency approval of plans and permits.

<click> for Fish & Aquatic EcologyFish & Aquatic Ecology Studies:
R2 specializes in the design and implementation of fisheries and aquatic ecological studies in freshwater and estuarine ecosystems. We have conducted habitat studies, taxonomic analysis, and ecological studies of threatened, endangered, and sensitive fish species. R2 also has extensive knowledge of all aspects of benthic macroinvertebrate studies.

<click> for Facility Design & ConstructionFish & Wildlife Facility Design:
R2 provides full in-house engineering for planning, permitting, cost estimating, design, and construction services for facilities inherent to natural resource management – hatcheries, fish ladders, fish traps, fish screens, visitor facilities, roads, small bridges, domestic and wastewater handling, support buildings, and general civil/structural engineering.

<click> for FERC Relicensing SupportFERC Licensing & Relicensing Support: R2 has extensive experience working on hydroelectric projects and in the relicensing arena, utilizing the expertise of our staff on a variety of fisheries, instream flow, and engineering services.  R2 is experienced in all aspects of relicensing projects, from strategy to technical studies to application preparation and agency/stakeholder interaction, and has participated in all three (Traditional, Alternative, Integrated) of the FERC relicensing processes.

<click> for Habitat Enhancemnt & RestorationHabitat Enhancement & Restoration:
R2 scientists have worked on a variety of restoration projects and are experienced in integrating the physical and biotic components for successful habitat restoration. R2 takes an ecosystem and physical process-based approach to restoration, ensuring that the design incorporates site-specific hydrologic, hydraulic, sediment transport, and soil conditions as well as habitat requirements of animals, plants, and wetland considerations.

<click> for ESA SupportEndangered Species Act Support:
R2 has assisted in the preparation of complex, water resource-oriented Biological Assessments, Biological Opinions, Incidental Take Permit Applications, Collection Permit Applications, and Habitat Conservation Plans involving ESA listed aquatic species.

<click> for Water Resource Analysis & EngineeringWater Resource Analysis & Engineering:
R2 has strong engineering expertise in hydraulic, sediment transport, and operations modeling, pump stations, and pipelines. This expertise includes extensive analyses of channel form, stability, sediment composition and transport, large woody debris impacts, and other aspects of fluvial geomorphology.

<click> for Watershed AnalysisWatershed Analysis:
R2's team of biologists and engineers have the interdisciplinary skills needed to conduct watershed level analyses to assess the cumulative effects of forest and road management activities on natural resources. Our watershed analyses provide information on fish, wildlife, riparian and upslope conditions.

<click> for Water Quality Monitoring & ModelingWater Quality Monitoring & Modeling:
R2 designs and conducts water quality monitoring programs and modeling of existing and predicted water quality conditions to assess the potential impacts of timber management, construction, non-point source pollution, hydroelectric facility operation, erosion and sedimentation, and storm water inputs.

<click> for Riparian & WetlandsRiparian & Wetland Studies:
R2's technical experts have conducted riparian and wetland studies pertaining to water rights, watershed analyses, waterfowl and fisheries habitat assessments, restoration, and local and federal regulatory requirements.

<click> for GIS ServicesGeographic Information Systems (GIS):
R2 uses Geographic Information Systems to integrate geographically referenced data along with related descriptive information into a complete analysis system. This powerful linkage facilitates modeling of real-world phenomena by location, revealing hidden patterns, relationships, and trends.